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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 16, 2019 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and stared as flames engulfed history burning. yesterday, the world stopped and stared as flames engulfed the notre dame cathedral in paris. now we're learning just how deep that damage is. thank you for joining us. i'm marc washington. >> the damage to the iconic gothic cathedral hitting people hard. we also watched it burned in near silence. the structure is considered unstable. richard engle reports, there's a fear there could be a partial collapse. >> reporter: the cathedral of notre dame still stands but without her elegant spire. burned away by a devastating
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fire. >> for me notre dame is probably it's a mother and certainly you feel your mother has been hurt by the fire. >> reporter: while an investigation is still ongoing, french officials are so far calling the blaze unintentional. they suspect it started around 6:30 monday night among scaffolding at the base of the spire, but the flames spread quickly across the medieval roof made of so many timbers it was nicknamed the forest. the heat kept building and rising until. >> the steeple just fell inside the church. >> reporter: the spire came crashing down into the church's interior fanning the flames even further. around 400 firefighters finally contained the flames enough to go inside. firefighters announced they managed to save the structure. notre dame would survive. and they said major works of art and relics, including the holy crown of thorns were saved.
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french president emmanuel macron told the nation, the worst has been avoided. notre dame will be rebuilt because it's what the french people expect and what their history deserves. firefighters are standby in case the fire starts again. the big concern is that once pieces of this cathedral have been removed and especially the roof, that there could be a further shift and that it's not over yet. richard engle, nbc news, paris. >> notre dame cathedral holds a special place in many people's hearts and san francisco is showing its support for paris. city hall was lit up with colors representing france overnight. a tweet from the mayor saying, we light san francisco city hall in solidarity with the mayor of paris and all parisians. overnight, sfo was lit up in red, white and blue, san francisco's grace cathedral inspired by the notre dame
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cathedral and considers it a sister cathedral. nbc news is monitoring the developments in france as well. you can watch that tonight at 5:30. happening now a possible gun show ban at the cal palace. supporters want to stop the trade shows from happening there. pete suratos is live there with the latest. pete? >> reporter: good morning, to you, marcus. no longer a possible gun show ban. that gun show ban is going to move forward. the board of directors voting on it, a unanimous vote adopting this policy in the past 15 minutes right here behind me that they'll ban these gun shows but it'll start next year. i want to point out the contract for gun shows expires in december for the cal palace. any remaining gun shows this year will still take place. the most notable one that folks are familiar with is the crossroads of the west, which is taking place here for the past few decades. i just want on an event and it
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looks like they'll have one more show in september, that will be the last gun show moving forward. a bill is being introduced on the state level to ban all gun and ammunition sales at the cow palace and transfer control of joint power. that agency would be charged of finding developers to build housing on the cow palace site. a local resident before this big vote who is inspired to speak out following the parkland shootings about this about the importance of today's vote. >> i started out just as a resident of san francisco who, after the parkland shootings was very concerned about gun violence and in particular the idea that a state agency -- this is a state owned property would be having gun shows because it sends a terrible message to the community. we don't need more guns in our communities especially here where we're surrounded by some of the neighborhoods most
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effected by gun violence. >> reporter: the board also voted to add a statement to the policy that i want to read off, they want to make sure that says there are no police record that any guns used in a violent act have been connected to gun shows. they voted to add that to the policy but that gun show ban will go into effect on january 1st of 2020. live here in daly city, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, a teenager facing serious charges after he allegedly posted a threatening message and photo to snapchat. this is the picture that rona park police released. it can look like a real gun. snapchat informed them someone posted that picture of the air soft gun along with a caption, don't go to school tomorrow. the social media company saw the posting and called the fbi. investigators track the posting to a home and arrested the teenager. the 17-year-old high school student was arrested for making criminal threats and is at juvenile hall.
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right now, all eastbound lanes of state highway 84 are back open. this comes after crews removed a jackknifed big rig that we brought you live coverage of this breaking news all morning long on "today in the bay." that happening just west of the thornton avenue just after 5:30 this morning. it was all blocking those lanes there for more than two hours. luckily no one was hurt. at least we have a nice forecast for today. >> meteorologist gary hall is tracking that forecast right now. a beautiful site at the golden gate bridge and hopefully that sticks around for a while. >> we're just looking at this weather system that brought us rain yesterday still across the region and producing some clouds but overall the dry weather has already started. this is a look at those clouds over the south bay and as you get ready to head out around sunny vale, expects temperatures in the low 60s and that's where we'll stay in the afternoon with some breezy winds. we are cooler than our normal high for mid-april.
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we should begin the upper 60s so it is a little bit cool behind that system that brought us the rain that we had yesterday evening. our temperatures today in antioch will reach 69 degrees and 59 in san francisco. we're still going to have a very nice forecast but temperatures going up and down and we're about to go way up within the next couple of days. i'll have a look at those numbers and what you can expect as you make easter weekend plans coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> sounds good. we'll check with you. the man accused of a fatal hit and run involving a mother and her child in the east bay still on the run. police are looking for 27-year-old raznuk allen. this woman and her 6-year-old son were killed. family and friends helped people walk across the deadly intersection in their memory. >> angel was a really sweet boy. you would never see him angry or
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upset at all. >> we paved the street and relined the street but there's other safety measures that are in place that just didn't come in time to save our family and our children. >> he plans to use $70,000 of his district's funds to set up a yellow flashing traffic light at that intersection. berkeley police are still looking for this woman. they say that she hit a bicyclist with her car. she's accused of crashing into a cyclist last month. the victim is recovering from serious injuries. any one who knows the where abouts of atkins is asked to call police. jury selection starting over the next three days. attorneys will work to pick 12 jurors and six alternates. they each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deadly 2016 fire, one count for each person who died, opening statements are scheduled to start next month. late last week the judge ruled
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that the mayor will not have to take the stand in the case. happening today, a north bay school district will reconsider changing its name. it's a story we've been covering for months now the board of trustees of dixie elementary school district will vote on the issue tonight. many residents feel the word dixie is racist. if a change is approved, trustees will set a timeline for selecting a new name. the total cost of that name change is estimated at nearly $40,000. back in february the school district voted against changing the name, but had agreed to revisit the issue. a potential change may be coming from san jose voters when it comes to electing their next mayor. city counsel members will vote on a propose to change the mayoral election to years when a presidential election is held. the mayoral race plays out during governor election years. sam la cardia won a new term last year. the move would increase voter turnout. you've had your driver's license suspended for missing a
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traffic court day you may soon have a better chance of getting back on the road legally. san francisco's supreme court is expected to lift suspensions for 88,000 people. it's a moved aimed at making it easier for lower income people to get back on the road. from the roads to the sidewalks of san francisco, you can soon expect to see more escooters. 2,500 people will be allowed to roll across the city in a new expansion program being submitted by the sfmta. however, these scooter companies will only be allowed to double fleet if they recruit more low income customers. right now only 68 low income program members ride with scoot and 78 with scif. it's also being required that the companies add bike rack locks. if will also push forward the escooter companies to develop helmet programs. coming up for you here, a
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shocking report outlines what bay area companies did or did not pay in taxes. we'll tell you about one major company that paid zero. next, an nbc exclusive on what facebook's planned to do with customers' data?
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welcome back. new at 11:00 an eye opening and exclusive nbc news investigation. new documents we obtain that showed facebook used data as a bargaining chip despite saying that privacy is a priority. stephanie gosk is here with details. >> reporter: facebook under new scrutiny this morning. more than 4,000 documents obtained by nbc news from a court case against the company lift the curtain on facebook's business practices between 2011
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and 2015. one employee even comparing the company to villains in "game of thrones"s as the social media giant looked for ways to grow its business and cut losses. top executives at the company, including ceo mark zuckerberg and coo sheryl sandberg discussed ways to sell user data. in 2012, documents showed zuckerberg wanted to figure out the real market value of user data to set a public rate, a plan seemingly at odds with zuckerberg's public message. >> we offer these extremely robust privacy controls where, i mean, literally any piece of information that you share, you control exactly who sees it. >> reporter: ultimately facebook said it never sold data but it did trade information with other companies. >> facebook is being strategic in terms of trading user data on -- in order to get, you know, stuff in return. >> reporter: the documents show that facebook allowed special access to data for companies described as friends of
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zuckerberg, like amazon, which received special treatment in june of 2013 because it was a facebook advertiser. while another messengering app seen as a competitor to facebook messenger was restricted from accessing facebook's data. facebook says the documents were cherry picked from a court case involving a little known start-up writing, the sets of documents by design tells only one side of the story and omits important context. we still stand by the platform changes we made in 2014, 2015. facebook has made a greater push to address privacy issues, like the data of 87 million users that was improperly shared with political consulting firm cambridge analytica. it put zuckerberg on the hot seat on capitol hill. >> it was my mistake and i'm sorry. i started facebook, i run it and at the end of the day i'm responsible for what happens here. >> reporter: still, some say
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facebook's past attempts to trade and sell user data raise more questions. the opening bell there of the new york stock exchange right now the dow is up 39 points and a lot of investors are talking these days. stock rate is higher today as corporate earning season kicks into full gear. now that april 15th is in the rear view, we're getting insight into three big bay area companies who didn't have to sell out anything to uncle sam. according to the report published in mercury news, chevron, netflix and sales force paid no patrol income taxes in 2018. chevron and netflix together got more than $200 million in tax rebates. companies can either cash those rebates in or ply it to future taxes. the report says the companies are not doing anything illegal just taking advantage of business tax breaks.
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san francisco rideshare company lyft today launched new safety measures to boost rider safety. it includes on running daily background checks on active drivers. uber made the same change last year. lyft also plans to boost its verification process. drivers will have to carry both a valid driver's license and an up-to-date photo to prevent identity fraud. the facility has powered down last month after failing to fix malfunction that's led to a release of smoke. that prompted solanko county to issue a health advisory according to kqed, the california esubmission says it's one of three california crude oil processing centers that will be restarted. the shutdowns have helped drive up the cost of gasoline statewide.
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and nasa is selecting spacex to help its dark mission. it will be the first ever mission to demonstrate the capability to deflect an asteroid by colliding spacecraft with the high-speed. now, it is an asteroid called ditamous and it's clear it's not going to hit the earth. but crews will be able to try to hit it any way and they're really just doing this to prove it can be done. a missing father and his two sons are found safe in butte county. the three had been missing since going on a weekend hiking trip in the sterling city area. 25-year-old michael mer caddo and his young sons took their jeep to the area on sunday. crews including search dogs and helicopters searched that area extensive. we're told none of them needed medical treatment. grab your calendar and maybe your -- 2019 football schedule
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tomorrow. the league will release the 256 game schedule tomorrow night at 5:00 and we already know that the opener takes place thursday, september 5th on nbc when chicago hosts green bay. the preseason schedule came out last week. >> it's a lot of games. live look at oracle right now. you might as well call this the scene of the crime. warrior answers clippers came back from a 31 point third quarter deficit to win game two. gave the clips that late lead. the warriors just couldn't respond. this is the nba's largest ever playoff comeback or collapse if you'd rather call it for the warriors fans. clippers won it 135-131. we've learned confirmed just moments ago he, in fact, has that torn left quad. he's expected to miss the rest
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of the playoffs. if they go to the finals maybe he can nurse it back to help. >> hopefully. something to cheer the fans up is the weather outside. beautiful day. >> one thing i like to do right now because i'm weather geek -- >> i'm not a weather geek and i like that too. >> i like watching the clouds drifting by. live look outside and it is absolutely gorgeous as you look around the bay area. woodside looking toward the coast. we are also seeing mostly clear skies but a few more clouds as you head inland. as we head over toward the sierra that's a live look at squall creek and it is nice to see a new coating of snow on the ground. most of the resorts reporting anywhere from just about five to six inches of snow. good to see that still happening in the sierra. right now our temperatures are in the upper 50s and low 60s as you get ready to head out for lunch in ukiah right now it is
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57 degrees, 59 now in san jose. let's head over to concord, check out temperatures for the rest of the day. we're seeing the clouds mixing in but we'll see a little bit more clearing going into the rest of the day and we'll head into the upper 60s for this afternoon. going into our afternoon temperatures for the south bay, we'll be up to 67 in morganhill and for the east bay reaching 66 in martinez. much of the peninsula staying in the upper 50s and low 60s and 60s in the marina district. still a lot of tree pollen and that's been the main issue as we've seen some rain to help clear out the air just a bit, but it's still going to be very high and now we're seeing more grass pollen registering on the pollen count. if you're going out to the a's game make sure you're dressed for the cool temperatures and breezy winds. we will get some more clearing going into tonight, but a really nice night for some baseball out there at the coliseum. we see this area of low-pressure
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and the storm system continuing to move slowly across the region, although the rain has cleared, we're going to have more dry weather over the next few days. look at how our temperatures warm up. we'll be in the mid-60s today. mid-70s tomorrow and then some low 80s on thursday. more of an ocean breeze and some more seasonal temperatures going into the weekend. easter weekend is looking really nice if you have outdoor plans or maybe participating in some of those earth day cleanup programs. it's going to be great. san francisco, mid-60s and then some lower 60s going into the beginning of next week but overall a nice forecast and it was good to get a little bit of rain most of us measured less than a .10 of an inch. >> water the garden. coming up, are you waiting for your easter candy? the one ride that will get you to your destination and send you off with some sweets.
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regular marijuana users may need more anesthesia for medical procedures according to a new study. researchers reviewed the medical records of 250 colorado patients who got procedures. they found that regular marijuana users needed more anesthesia than those who didn't use cannabis. doctors say that the findings underscore the importance of patience telling their doctors about their marijuana use. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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nbc bay area )s mike inouye is throwing it back with this photo on facebook. here's what mike inouye is sharing on facebook. you can follow him at mike inouye. this is something that's still a big thing if you're planning to color eggs or put together a basket for easter, you're not alone. an estimated 8 in ten adults plan to celebrate easter this year. according to the national retail federation. they spend an average of $151 that totals to about $18 billion. it's about $90. those peeps there as well as a lot of other. uber is also celebrating the easter holiday. >> cargo the exclusive incar vendor is offering free samples
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of chocolate easter egg candy in select cities. among the items being handed out, reese's peanut butter eggs. cargo will start selling snacks and other essentials in ride hailing cars. you'll be able to purchase items through a mobile website then the driver hands you the product. hum. >> here's some peanuts, here's some popcorn. >> let's get one last check of the forecast. it looks pretty good. the rain has all moved out. we're still sticking around. we're seeing the clouds sticking around today. some mid-60s warming up over the next couple days and easter looks really nice. mid-70s inland, san francisco in the mid-60s all weekend. >> i may have to hit the pool on thursday. >> i think a lot of people will start to clear out the pool. >> i have to hit the gym before i can hit the pool. >> that too. all right.
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thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast coming up at 5:00.
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